We strive to continually strengthen our position as the partner of choice for vendors and agencies within the public safety market.

We have identified a number of core values which inform our decision making, our processes and our workplace culture — allowing us to work to the best of our ability and provide you with the best possible service.


While there are number of commonalities between emergency services anywhere in the world, we fully understand that every community has its own unique needs, and that these small differences can often make all the difference. As such, we encourage a “spirit of partnership” with our clients, with clear lines of communication back and forth and an ongoing sharing of ideas, talents and concerns. By effectively partnering our technological know-how with your understanding of your community and its changing needs, we are able to provide positive outcomes for the community we serve.


Just as the public puts an enormous level of trust in its emergency services, to protect them in their times of greatest need and vulnerability, we understand that the emergency services that choose to engage our services place an enormous level of trust into our ability to deliver. Similarly, we understand that trust is not given, but earned through the continued demonstration of honesty, integrity and transparency. Our adherence to this core value has allowed our organisation to grow its considerable market share and we are committed to the continual strengthening of our reputation in this way.


We have found that as our organisation has grown in diversity — of experience, culture, acceptance and belief   — our capability has grown in direct relation. With greater diversity comes a greater number of potential solutions to any problem, and we have strived to create an atmosphere wherein all ideas are welcomed into the conversation. Further, a workplace which better reflects the diversity of our society increases workplace morale, leading to a more efficient, effective workplace, and in turn, a higher quality of service.


We are committed to delivering the newest technologies, products and services to the mission critical software market.

By mindfully cultivating a working environment in which learning, inquiry, challenge, collaboration and curiosity are a part of daily life, we’re able to continually meet the requirements of our clients, and anticipate the future needs of emergency services.

With this emphasis on research, development, training and investment, SDSI continues to enhance its cutting edge software solutions and deliver software longevity and real value to our clients.

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