Together with a specialized range of custom software, SDSI has many strategic partnerships with leading and emerging companies to provide and support some of the world’s best software technology to public safety agencies locally.


AMB Flight is the air ambulance booking and dispatch system your coordination team has been waiting for.

It is a complete aero-medical booking and dispatch system, developed in house by SDSI, to provide emergency services with the ability to manage their pre-hospital emergency and multil-leg scheduled patient transfer cases, and to track on board equipment, escorts and clinical data — all in real-time.

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Field Ops smartphone app

As more and more personnel begin to utilise smart phones and tablets in the field, CentralSquare has introduced the Field Ops smartphone app to extend the use of its Mobile Enterprise solution to everyone — everywhere. Designed for iOS and Android devices, the Field Ops app allows users to easily view critical incident related information, update their status, securely send and receive records check queries, send messages and perform other critical functions from outside of their vehicle.

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Mobile Enterprise

Mobile Enterprise is a wireless PC-based mobile fleet application that seamlessly extends computer aided dispatch (CAD) systems to in-vehicle computers. The secure wireless solution operates on a variety of wireless platforms and provides FIPS 140-2 compliant access to mission-critical information while out in the field. Inform Mobile is a robust and scalable solution that provides full messaging and mapping capabilities to improve the public safety workflow.

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CAD Enterprise (Formerly Inform)

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software serves as the technology hub of your communications center – processing, prioritising, and recommending actions based on real-time and historical information. CAD Enterprise is an award-winning, feature-rich CAD solution that captures all major data points throughout each call to intuitively present information to users and responders when and where they need it. With seamless integration to any product within the Public Safety Suite Enterprise, it improves the entire public safety workflow to ensure the most effective reporting, response, disposition, and analysis.

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Public Safety Analytics

Analytics is a veritable public safety data warehouse, providing one singular resource for users to access all the information across differing applications. While public Safety agencies use a number of different automated systems to accomplish their mission (CAD, Mobile, RMS, Jail). Once the data is in one place, a number of investigative and data analysis tools can be used against it providing a complete, multi-agency view of historical and real-time operational data — in one product.

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An Internet Protocol (IP) based, multimedia Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) system; proven to support a variety of different communication protocols and devices. It provides a firm foundation for sharing infrastructure, resources, work load, and call-related data throughout the 9-1-1 public safety response continuum. Providing the flexibility of multiple deployment options, single site non-Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to multi-site ACD, 911 is designed to meet an array of operational and budget requirements.

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To perform incident analysis for internal agency reviews or external court reviews requires access to several Inform CAD modules. Each of these has various features and abilities but also limitations. The GEM Incident Analyst application addresses these limitations, providing a single location to analyse incidents by providing reporting, mapping and charting data of any given incident.

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