SDSI offers a comprehensive range of technical and operational resources to meet the ever-changing needs of communities the world over, equipping Public Safety Agencies with the digital tools to meet their operational and strategic goals.

We support a wide spectrum of emergency services, of all sizes, from all over the world; and fully understand the diverse needs and challenges that change from one community to the next. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer individualised responsive support to Public Safety Agencies.

Software Design & Development

SDSI implements established trusted technologies and practices to streamline the delivery process and improve the functionality and reliability of new and existing Mission Critical systems.

SDSI Software and Development team have developed countless customized applications and solutions that are constantly used by its worldwide customers to enhance and support their efforts in protecting the community.

Project Management

SDSI has successfully implemented numerous multi-disciplined, multi-million dollar projects utilising the Prince2 Methodology, a widely-used, even de facto project management system used by governments and businesses all around the world.

By providing a controlled beginning, middle and end to your project, with a continual measurement of progress against the project plan, business case, risk assessments and key stakeholder expectations — our project management team help to ensure a swift and smooth development process, and higher outcomes.

CAD System Integration

The Computer Aided Dispatch system is pivotal to the effective operation of any emergency service agency. But just as the men and women of the emergency services must work in collaboration, so too must their assorted technologies work successfully with each other.

By seamlessly communicating and integrating with a wide array of complex and disparate systems —from telephones, radios and pagers, to a range of audio, corporate, human, HR and finance systems— SDSI’s digital solutions are tailor made to suit the needs of agencies they are built for.

CAD Solution Architecture

Computer Aided Dispatch systems are capable of being adapted to most of the common, industry standard IT and operational requirements of emergency services all around the world — and are adaptable to the evolving challenges of their industry. SDSI has the considerable in-house experience and key industry affiliations to advise and assist each agency in the design and development of a system optimised to their needs.

CAD Performance Analysis

For emergency services of any kind, the Computer Aided Dispatch system is key to the provision of an effective and expedient emergency response. SDSI provides extensive analysis services to ensure systems are running at optimal performance, from agency to agency, and that emergency services are quickly available to the public in their times of need.

24/7 CAD Support

The emergency services work to protect our communities day and night, and so do we, offering 24/7 support desk to provide the rapid, effective support you need to minimise and prevent complications. Understanding the real-world consequences of an improperly functioning CAD system, we treat any technical difficulty with the gravity and speed of an emergency service provider, and will work tirelessly to have your system operating at full capacity as quickly as possible.

GIS Specialists

Accurate and effective special mapping utilising Geographical Information Systems is central to the successful delivery of emergency services. SDSI has a number of GIS specialists in house, and the appropriate industry affiliations, to ensure that the mapping data utilised by, and displayed on any given CAD system, is optimised for the emergency service provider and public it serves.

CAD Upgrade Services

As technology advances, and the challenges faced by emergency services change — so too must a CAD system adapt to the times. SDSI has successfully managed many  multi-disciplined, multi-jurisdictional CAD upgrades, and provides a range of service offerings to assist agencies in the seamless, successful transition from one version of CAD software to the next.

Citrix Ready parternship

SDSI is pleased to partner with Citrix to provide scalable remote connectivity solutions for Inform CAD and CAD Enterprise. Citrix allows you to transcend the traditional borders of desktop applications delivering connectivity to regional or mobile locations.

Citrix Ready

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